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2017 Season
Round 1 | March 5 Australia
Round 2 | March 19 Bahrain
Round 3 | April 2 Spain
Round 4 | April 9 Turkey
Round 5 | April 23 Canada
Round 6 | May 7 Austria
Round 7 | May 21 Great Britain
Round 8 | June 4 Germany
Round 9 | June 18 France
Round 10 | August 20 Belgium
Round 11 | September 10 Hungary
Round 12 | September 24 Italy
Round 13 | October 8 Singapore
Round 14 | October 15 Japan
Round 15 | November 5 United States
Round 16 | November 19 Brazil

Wengler breaks Kweekel's win streak and takes win at home race.



Welcome to the FSR Pro review of Round 7 in Germany


The pole spot is taken by Adrian Falcon for the first time in his FSR Career, Sander Kallas joined him on the front row.

Top brit on the grid was James Sadler in 3rd, joined by Michele D Alessandro in 4th, while title leader Jereon Kweekel

is in 6th just behind homeboy Jacques Wengler in 5th place.


At the start Falcon straight away defends his first position from Kalls going into the first corner, everyone made

it through except for the 2 Avid Chronic Racing cars of Pascal Chapon and Yoichi Uehara who collided with each 

other while trying to avoid a envitable carnage, Chapon continued on but Yoichi's race is over and took a while to

remove the car and finally moved it just as Falcon finished the first lap.


after the first lap the top 5 order is Falcon, Kallas, Wengler, Sadler and Kweekel with D Alessandro down to 9th 

at the start, his worst start so far this season, It wasn't long until another one bites the dust as recently 

new driver Andrea Cannata retires with suspension failure on Lap 4.


Lap 5 and in the middle of the field Ben Eastman and Lionel Klue collided with each other when Eastman shut 

the door too much on Klue who didn't see him coming and the pair spun after turn 5, no damage was issued and 

the pair continued on, but for Eastman he retired 2 laps later after he went wide at turn 8 and slammed into the 

tyre barrier and Klue retired with suspension problems.


On that same lap Wengler was on a mad one trying to get past Kallas, he finally succeeded passing the Estonian

after Lap 10 as Kallas came in for his first stop and moving Wengler into second place in his home grand prix, then

the German fans went bonkers for Wengler as his moves up into first thanks to a pitstop for Falcon on Lap 11.


The lead for Wengler didn't last long as he came in for his stop a lap later and Falcon resumed the lead of the race,

but realised he is on a 2 stopper and came in for his 2nd stop on Lap 27 giving the lead to Kweekel for the 

first time this race, Kweekel then cam in for his final stop a lap later but Wengler was in front of Falcon at the 

time of Kweekel's 2nd stop and the German roof was once again lifted with joy as Wengler took the lead all the 

way to the end.


Wengler became the first German to win at his home FSR event since Ronny Hahnel in 2010 at the same track,

Kweekel came home in second to ractify his stance at top of the table and Falcon came home in 3rd after a brilliant

peformance from the Spainiard.


The Full YouTube Broadcast can be found here:


by Ron Squire